Next Generation E-commerce

For all the billions of dollars invested in shiny new tech like AR and VR, it’s video that packs the excitement, energy, impact, and scalability. Since the beginning of television, marketers have realized the enormous sales power of motion and sound.

Why has ecommerce relied on photos and text, when shoppers prefer to see products in action?

  1. Because video has been technically challenged with extended load times, playback hesitations, and buffering.
  2. Product video creation costs are higher than stills.
  3. Video load times are longer than stills.

Throw that old thinking away! It’s time to hop on the video commerce wagon where conversions are much higher than product pages with just stills and text.

Here’s Why the Game Has Changed

ClickChainz has engineered high performance video specifically for digital commerce. ClickChainz load fast, have built-in navigation, and are searchable. Visitors engage 360% longer than still based product pages because ClickChainz are dynamic and exciting.

The surprise is that ClickChainz load faster than photo and text based pages, which typically consist of 100-300 little pieces of graphics and code. Each of those gets requested separately, adding latency before pages become visible. You can see this for any page by pasting it’s URL into the forms at or Under “Waterfall” and you will see a graphical representation of the page loading sequence.

Here’s a typical ClickChainz waterfall with 9 requests and the resulting 1.3 second load time:

Picture the same chart more than 6 pages long, with 346 separate objects loading. First visibility at 6.5 seconds and full interactivity at a stunning 15 seconds. That’s typical (non)performance for a top 20 apparel brand. You can see an example here.

It’s no wonder that this retailer is struggling for survival. By the time this page loads more than 75% of the audience has gone elsewhere. Who can afford to turn away three quarters of their shoppers before a stitch of merchandise is shown?

Rapid Viewer Attrition Addressed

Google has addressed this problem, encouraging adoption of their AMP format. It’s a wonderful high performance framework, which results in a significantly more responsive user experience. But’s it’s still just photos and text. Copious research says consumers want to see products in action, and that clearly means video.

ClickChainz aggregate in one simple package rather than a lot of pieces. The ClickChainz video player has been re-engineered for fast loads and easy navigation. Tracking and data chores are pushed to the server side so the shopping experience is high performance.

The result? Pages that load in 1.0 – 1.7 seconds, capturing 2x more audience than a typical 4.0 second page and 8x the audience that persists to 7 seconds. It follows that the conversion rate is boosted in proportion to the larger available audience, but when product presentations are moving rather than static, the numbers are dramatically higher.

How much of conversion lift with ClickChainz? A free ClickChainz trial makes it very easy to find out! Get ready to radically change your conversion math. Send us four product samples, and we’ll supply everything you need to test ClickChainz, including video creation, hosting, bandwidth and 100k social media impressions, designed to match your current web style. You’ll quickly see why electronic-commerce is transforming to video-commerce.

If you are selling ice cubes in the Arctic, ClickChainz won’t help. But for any useful product, we are offering proof at no risk.

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