4 Video Marketing Facts That You Need to Know

So, you want to create a marketing video? Wait! There are some cold, hard facts that you need to know. Not all marketing videos are the same. It’s survival of the fittest, and only the best videos will boost engagement, conversions, and sales. Here are four video marketing facts that will change digital commerce forever.

1. The Average Shopper Has a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish

Stuck in a sales slump? Perhaps it’s your product pages that are causing the problem. Shoppers don’t want to read lengthy product descriptions or click through dozens of images. The truth is, consumers have no patience and incredibly short attention spans — and they’re only getting shorter.

Research shows that the average attention span is now eight seconds — down from 12 seconds in the year 2000. The average attention span is now “shorter than that of a goldfish (at nine seconds)”, points out AdWeek.

This is where good video marketing comes in. Using short and exciting videos to showcase your products is much more effective than posting still images and big chunks of black-and-white text on your product pages. As a result, the right videos will dramatically increase your conversion rates, improve engagement, and boost sales.

2. The Best Marketing Videos Last No Longer Than 10 Seconds

When it comes to video, less is more. Customers prefer short chunks of video that last no longer than 10 seconds — quicker than the time it takes to wash your face.

Research shows that you have just 10 seconds to engage your audience and convince them to purchase your product. After these 10 seconds, engagement rates decrease significantly, and shoppers are more likely to scroll down your page or hit the ‘back’ button on their browser.

3. Consumers Engage With Video Content More Than Other Mediums

Consumers actively engage with video content far more than still images and text. Seventy-one percent of shoppers think videos explain products better, while 58 percent are more likely to trust companies with videos.

Product videos, in particular, help consumers understand how products look and feel. Consumers can immerse themselves in the content and make smarter purchasing decisions. Using interactive video, shoppers watch short overview. If they like what they see, they can click down to product details. Merchants can “connect with mobile users and give them a smooth, seamless shopping experience,” says Joy Lin, President of ClickChainz. “Our patent-pending technology loads videos in less than two seconds.”

4. Shoppers Don’t Want to Wait

Shoppers don’t like waiting for videos to load and take page load speed seriously. In fact, buffering reduces video watch time by as much as 39 percent, according to one study.

“The data shows that buffering is something to take seriously, and any publisher who wants to succeed needs to care about performance,” says video performance analytics company Mux, who carried out the research. “After all, the promise of the Internet is instant gratification, and the benchmark is broadcast TV. Why would people wait for a video to buffer?”

Experts predict that 78 percent of all video content played on mobile devices in 2018. This is especially true for mobile shopping.

If you want to convert more shoppers into buyers, consider deploying video at the speed of commerce!